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From Military Service to Making Memories at Weddings with Couples in NC & SC

Derrin Burke

Hey there, wonderful people! So glad you're here! I'm not just your average DJ, I'm all about diving into the world of music and spreading those good vibes. Think of me as your partner in crime on a journey through beats and melodies that know no bounds.


My story? Well, it's been a wild ride. After saying goodbye to the military, I found myself on a rollercoaster of experiences. But through it all, music was my rock, helping me navigate life's twists and turns.


I've learned that every moment is like a song waiting to be heard. And man, am I grateful for the lessons along the way. My military days taught me resilience, and my journey through education only reinforced that. Graduating from UNC Charlotte was a wonderful and eye-opening experience, I left armed with a degree in communication and ready to rock.


I'm grateful, my dream of being a radio host took a detour, but it led me to explore my capabilities further: helping folks celebrate love and joy through music.


Studying for my MBA at Wake Forest is just another step in my journey to master my craft and make a positive impact on the wedding and event DJ industries. So to all of you joining me on this journey, thank you. Love is what drives me, and sharing that love through music is what it's all about. Let's keep rocking together and spreading those good vibes. Cheers to the rhythm of love and the beauty of life!


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