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Magical Moments: A Wedding Story of Mr. & Mrs. Bahmanyar at McGill Rose Garden NODA

Welcome to the enchanting world of McGill Rose Garden, where love blossomed under the shade of beautiful trees, creating the perfect setting for a unique and culturally rich wedding celebration. As a wedding DJ in Charlotte, NC, I had the pleasure of being part of Mr. and Mrs. Bahmanyar's special day, filled with Persian influences, tarot card readings, and unforgettable moments on the dance floor.

The Venue:

Nestled in the heart of NoDa, McGill Rose Garden provided a stunning backdrop for the wedding. The ceremony took place under majestic trees, with a traditional table for the couple, creating a picturesque scene that set the tone for the entire celebration. The venue staff and amazing photographer, Vanessa Venable, went above and beyond, ensuring every detail was perfect and contributing to the magic of the day.


Cultural Delights:

The wedding was a delightful fusion of Persian traditions, adding a unique touch to the celebration. From the vibrant colors to the intricate details, it was a feast for the senses. As a DJ, being exposed to new and interesting cultures is one of the reasons I love what I do, and this wedding was a perfect example of the richness that diversity brings to life's special moments.

The Tarot Card Reader:

Adding a touch of mystique to the celebration, the couple had a tarot card reader at their wedding. Don't worry, the readings didn't start until after the ceremony, allowing everyone to fully enjoy the festivities. Although I wanted to experience the tarot card reading myself, the packed dance floor kept me entertained with the infectious energy of the guests.


The Groom's Father – Life of the Party:

The groom's father stole the spotlight with his breathtaking speeches, exuding loving and fatherly energy. His heartfelt words and the sparkle in his eye as he spoke about his son and new bride added an emotional depth to the celebration. Not only was he an eloquent speaker, but he also showcased impressive dance moves on the floor, keeping the energy alive.


A DJ's Perspective:

The DJ booth area at McGill Rose Garden was a highlight for me. The flat cement surface provided an ideal setup for my turntables, enhancing the overall sound quality. Working closely with the planner, Kiara, in the weeks leading up to the wedding ensured that every musical detail was perfectly curated for the celebration.

Going the Extra Mile:

One of my favorite aspects of this wedding was the opportunity to learn and play new music, adding a personalized touch to the playlist. Going the extra mile for a smile is what makes each wedding unique and memorable. Mr. and Mrs. Bahmanyar's celebration was no exception, and I was thrilled to contribute to the joy of their special day.

As a wedding DJ in Charlotte, NC, I take pride in elevating weddings through solid DJing, creating unforgettable moments for couples and their guests. McGill Rose Garden provided the perfect canvas for this Persian-infused celebration, and I am grateful to have been a part of such a magical night. If you're looking for a DJ who can bring energy, cultural sensitivity, and a personalized touch to your wedding, I am here to make your special day truly extraordinary.

Date: 30 September 2023

Planner: Kiara Dozier

Photographer: Vanessa Venable

Caterer: QC Catering

Decor Rentals: Bandit Bliss Tarot


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