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Capturing the Magic: Asheville Wedding DJ Chronicles at The Fields of Blackberry Cove OCT 2023

In the serene countryside of Weaverville, excitement filled the air as guests gathered at The Fields at Blackberry Cove for a wedding destined to be extraordinary.

How it Started

The journey from Charlotte to Weaverville was a picturesque adventure, with vibrant autumn leaves painting the landscape. Upon arrival, the warmth of Geena and her bridesmaids made me feel instantly at home, setting the stage for a memorable evening.


Heroes Among Us

Amidst the festivities, I had the privilege of meeting real-life heroes – a Navy veteran and an active-duty firefighter – each adding a layer of inspiration to the day's narrative.

Crafting Memories and Collaborations

Beyond the DJ booth, seamless collaboration with Doug, the property manager, and heartwarming gestures from the caterer added personal touches to the event. Chef Balee's exquisite wedding cakes from Baking Magic NC added an extra touch of magic to the Van Woundeberg reception.

wedding dj asheville nc

Illuminating Choices

Jon and Geena's thoughtful decisions, including intelligent dance floor lighting and a top-tier PA system, transformed the reception room into a realm of enchantment. The collaborative masterpiece of the photo booth brought laughter and interactive joy to all.


Heartfelt Connections

Conversations with the bartender unveiled the venue's charm, while the caterer's kind gesture of delivering a plate to the DJ booth created heartfelt connections. Working alongside fellow wedding vendors in NC was an overwhelmingly positive experience.

Culmination of Love and Reflections

It was an honor to be the DJ for John & Geena at their gorgeous wedding. I am grateful for the opportunity to have contributed to their love-filled day. I look forward to future collaborations with Doug, his team, and the rest of the vendors from this wedding, especially the photographer Ryan - his amazing work can be seen throughout this blog post. Cheers to Geena and Doug for creating a wedding day that will forever linger in the hearts of all who attended.


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