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Dancing Under the Stars: An Asheville Wedding DJ's Notes from Rachel + Damian's NC Arboretum Celebration

Hey there! October 2023 was hands down one of the coolest gigs I've had as a wedding DJ, spinning tunes at this incredible wedding at the North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville. Buckle up and let me take you on a ride through the whole shebang – from the picturesque drive through fall foliage to the setup, vibes, and everything in between.

Asheville wedding dj
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Rolling Through the Colors: A Drive to Remember

Picture this – cruising up from Charlotte, surrounded by the most stunning fall colors. It felt like driving through a painting. And let me tell you, that was just the warm-up for the main event!

DJ Setup on Easy Mode: No Sweat at the Arboretum

Got to the venue, and man, it was perfect for a wedding DJ like me. I could roll my truck right up to the back of the reception area. Easy peasy setup – no lugging equipment across the parking lot. Major win!

Spacious Setup and Power Galore: DJ Haven Found

The Arboretum gave me all the space I needed to work my DJ magic. Plus, finding a power outlet was a breeze. You know how it is – gotta keep those beats flowing without any hiccups.

Asheville wedding dj
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Garden Vibes at the Amphitheatre Ceremony

The ceremony took place at this sweet Amphitheatre surrounded by a lush garden. It was like something out of a fairy tale. Nature and love vibes everywhere – couldn't ask for a better backdrop.

Funky Dance Floor: Checkered Good Times

The NC Arboretum went all out with this dance floor – brown and white checkered pattern. It was like stepping onto a stylish chessboard. Guests were tearing it up, and I was loving every beat.

Chill Coordination: A Venue That Knows Its Stuff

The venue crew? Top-notch. They managed to stay open and set up for the wedding at the same time. Talk about pros – I didn't even notice them working their magic in the background.

Personal Thanks from the Groom: Classy Move

Before the ceremony kicked off, the groom comes up to me, shakes my hand, and says thanks. Class act! It set the tone for the whole shebang, you know?

Groomsmen Brotherhood: Felt Like Family

The groom and his buddies treated me like one of the gang. It wasn't just a gig; it was like being part of the family. Made the whole experience a blast.

Smooth Sailing with Venue Staff: Team Awesome

Working with the venue staff was a breeze. No drama, no stress – just good vibes and teamwork. When everyone's on the same page, weddings are just better, you feel me?

Can't Wait to Hit Replay: Ready for Round Two

I'm telling you, I had a blast at the NC Arboretum. Can't wait to roll back there for another gig. The place, the people – it's a DJ's dream.

From the epic drive through fall foliage to the chill vibes with the wedding party, this Asheville gig was one for the books. The North Carolina Arboretum is a killer spot for a wedding, blending nature's beauty with the beats of love. Until the next dance floor adventure, Asheville, I'm ready for an encore!


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